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Personal Branding Connects your Brand to your Target Audience through valued Content

CEOs /Founders

With compelling SEO-optimized content and a vibrant distribution network, we are able to get your views across to a wide target audience across the globe

Corporate Professionals

We are distinctive and strong because of our individuality. We project your Personal Brand across all your social profiles for the uniqueness that it is

We Build Strong Personal Brands We customize our branding offerings to fit your needs and goals

We help our clients build and maximize their authority and influence through strategic, full-service custom content creation, distribution, and social media management. Get the authority, influence, and trust to become the go-to expert in your market that will have your desired clients coming to you.
mybrandcode put of our quality to guarantee your company’s success. Branding Advantage

  • Builds Trust & Credibility
  • Strengthens Individuality
  • Expands the Professional Work Network
  • Creates Authenticity
  • Better Visibility in the Industry
  • Improves Personal Confidence
Business Coach Workgroup

We will determine the most effective way to present yourself online within your industry

We begin with a personalized branding session to discover your personal story. We then design a customized plan to create the profiles and websites you require to stand out from your competitors in your industry.

Your skills will be displayed for all

to see as your brand presence grows online. Your brand
is enhanced with the design of fully optimized, mobile compatible state-of-the-art websites.

Your performance is tracked as your brand reputation grows online

We update you with quarterly reports stating our milestone achievements. We also provide you with data on the performance and engagement on your websites. This way you are in the loop on the rate of growth of your brand reputation online.

We continually create highly engaging and unique content to place your brand as a leader in your field.

We will regularly publish SEO-optimized blog posts, infographics, social media text and audio-visual content to enhance the long-term performance of your brand.

We constantly scan the internet for any disparaging text, image and/or audio-visual content

We will act immediately to minimize the impact of such content on your brand trust, influence and reputation. We also sort out ways of reducing the risk of potentially harmful content to your business

Your web presence will be greatly felt by people as they search for your brand on Google and other similar search engines

We acknowledge that those strategies that worked in the past, may not be useful today. To this end, we will provide you team with updates on those changes that affect your business. Your plan will be continually improved for enhanced efficiency in the visibility of your websites.

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Free Business Coaching Guide To Be Successful, Focus on Your Personal Growth

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Joe Cox Charles's Office Supplies

Bruce Miller Benjamin's Cupcake Museum

Nancy Warren Angela's Cheese Factory

Anna Gordon Stephen's Fireworks

Edward Richardson John's Video Games

Shirley Harrison Mildred's Spa

Successful Stories Comments our clients have shared with us.

People come to coaching for any number of reasons. To give you a feel for how some typical coaching relationships work, and benefit the client, I have summarized a few examples.

Diane Jenkins Charles's Office Supplies

Judith Simmons Benjamin's Cupcake Museum

Nancy Warren Angela's Cheese Factory

Carl Patterson Stephen's Fireworks

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    Our High-End, Personal Brand Services Our service offering is focused on providing support to your personal brand with the
    aim of helping your business to attain its goals

    Social Media Posting

    We publish unique, engaging content directly on 25+ social media platforms with your business goals as our primary focus.

    Digital Ads

    We will increase your brand traction, traffic and sales turnover using quick and effective digital

    Digital Networking

    We have a wide business network and our B2B marketing is next level. We will connect your
    brand to decision makers of potential business partners


    We develop customized websites, landing pages, sales funnels, and intricate automations.

    SEO & Ranking

    To ensure your brand is ranked high on Google and other similar search engines, we utilize
    backlink placement strategies and publish quality SEO-optimized content.

    Customer Engagement

    We improve your brand awareness and develop longbrand authority by actively engaging with your target audience and existing customers.

    Email Marketing

    At mybrandcode, we aim to boost your customer base, brand trust, loyalty and sales turnover with the use of drip marketing, newsletters, list buying, and other email marketing strategies.

    Reputation Management

    We promote good customer service and enhance your brand reputation with prompt,
    professional, and cordial responses to all customer enquiries.

    Event Management

    Our team of event managers will help plan and execute events for your brand on multiple
    platforms to boost attendees and ticket sales.

    Unparalleled Support

    We assign you a Client Success Manager (CSM) to guide your business to long-term success. Our team has helped over 300 brands to grow and be successful in their respective industry of operation.


    When you join us, we will analyze your business in its entirety and map out a 6-month strategic plan to ensure the proper growth of your brand.

    Brand Management

    We ensure the consistency of your brand with the use of brand guides, asset management
    techniques, and so much more

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    If you have any enquiries on our service offerings or you want to find out more on how we can assist you, please feel free to call the number above

    For updates on current projects, and other information relevant to the branding of your business, visit any of our social media channels today.

    What's the purpose of an individual site?

    The personalization of your website allows you to showcase the channels you prefer being reached via, whether that’s by telephone, e-mail, LinkedIn or Twitter. Additionally, adding keywords such as your school and city and the name of your company on your site increases your chances of appearing in the search results.

    How will you display your work of art all in one location?

    If you’re interested in photography, writing or graphic design, or other creative fields, having an online presence allows you to show your work to prospective clients and employers. You can offer your work on your site and let people download directly from your site if you’re selling digital products.

    Why should you have a personal website?

    It can be challenging to distinguish yourself from the crowd of cover letters and resumes and remain professional when it comes to securing an internship or job. A personal website that often includes information about your biography, contacts details and portfolio is an excellent way to showcase your talents and help you stand out from the other applicants.

    How does it make it easier for you to reach you?

    A personal website lets you specify which methods you would prefer to contact by telephone, e-mail, LinkedIn or Twitter. In addition, adding keywords like your university, your city and your company name on your site will boost the likelihood of your website appearing higher in search results.

    Take your Brand to the next level!